Wigan Comic Con keeps the geeks aglow

logoUnless you’re from Wigan, you’re probably not familiar with Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls. They ‘keep you all aglow’, you know. Wigan Comic Con (the logo is a spoof of the Uncle Joe’s label) was really far more about film, TV and cosplay than it was about comics. It certainly attracted a crowd of locals, many of them queuing up in the wind and hail when we arrived. I hope they had something keeping them aglow!

There were lots of family groups there and it was a bit of a family event for us too. It was the first comic con for our niece Rebecca, there with her boyfriend Adam; it must have been the first for young Tyler Talbot here, too. Meeting Batman was the highpoint for him, I think.
Tyler with Batman
Becoming Junior Batman made him pensive, though. Here he is with Alwyn, his dad.
Batman Tyler copy

WiganComic Con







That’s the last event of the year done and dusted. Next stop is closer to home for us: Sunderland Comic Con on 21st and 22nd February 2015. It’s just round the corner from home, in fact. But that’s not until February and now I’m signing off.

So, see you next year!

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!


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