Reflection and raspberries

Shhh. If we're quiet, Farters-Parters won't get us.

Shhh. If we’re quiet, Farters-Parters won’t get us.

Before the last General Election, Alwyn Talbot and I contributed a 4-page strip to 64 pages of reflection and raspberry blowing published by Disconnected Press. We called it ‘Preparation for Leadership’; the collection was Cross – A Political Satire Anthology.

Amid the omnishambles of the recent referendum, I’ve found myself thinking about it again. It doesn’t relate directly, of course, but it does offer some insights into some of the key players in the whole dismal disaster. ‘Preparation for Leadership’ is a 4-page comic-strip précis of scholarly investigation in the emerging cross-coverdisciplinary field of psychohistory. It was directly inspired by Nick Duffell’s Wounded Leaders: British Elitism and the Entitlement Illusion. You can read about both psychohistory and the book on his website here.

As you’ll gather from Alwyn’s amazing online portfolio here, it was was a big departure from his usual approach and it displays an unexpected talent in caricature. The book Cross is still available on the Disconnected Press website for a reduced price of £5. It’s a small independent publisher run by Lizzie and Conor Doyle, who are lovely people!
Cross p1
Cross p2
Cross p3
Cross p4

CROSS – A Political Satire Anthology

Cover-350x516I’ve been so busy over the past couple of months that I haven’t got round to blogging about this anthology of political satire that Alwyn and I contributed a 4-pager to. Until now, that is. Published by Disconnected Press, it was launched at Thought Bubble in Leeds last month. This was an event I wasn’t able to attend, as I was occupied elsewhere (Jonathan Cape’s Comic Creations event in Bristol, since you ask).

As its back cover announces, the collection is a call to people across the land to think about who governs us and the decisions they make on our behalf. It’s a rallying call to get out and vote. It’s available from the indie publishers here. Surely it’s the perfect gift for all your politically-minded, angry friends!

Those loveable chum(p)s, Dave and Boris, drawn by Alwyn Talbot (from our ‘Preparation for Leadership’ strip):
A sinister line-up by Soffe, that was used in the Kickstarter campaign:









A tribute to Rik Mayall drawn by Matt Timson (from ‘Deception’, written by Cy Dethan):