IDP: 2043

IDP 2043 coverThe year is 2043. Melting ice caps have caused sea levels to rise. Across the world populations have abandoned low-lying cities to create new sprawling townships on high ground. Scarce resources have created a vast social chasm. The rich have access to everything; technology, healthcare and power, while the poor have nothing. IDP (short for internally displaced person or persons) follows the catastrophic effects of a small rise in sea levels on the country’s heavily populated low lying areas and how society reimagines itself in the face of a huge population shift in a world of scant resources.

IDP: 2043 is a futuristic thriller set in post-flood Scotland. It was created in collaboration by a ‘dream team’ comprising Barroux, Hannah Berry, Kate Charlesworth, Dan Mc Daid, Pat Mills, Denise Mina, Will Morris, Adam Murphy, Mary Talbot and Irvine Welsh.

IDP2043 Ch6 title page

The graphic novel was specially commissioned by Edinburgh International Book Festival and published by Freight Books on 25th August 2014. There were two launch events at the festival on 23rd August, as part of the Stripped2014 programme.

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