Language and Power in the Modern World

(with Karen Atkinson and David Atkinson) (Edinburgh University Press, 2003)

Critical acclaim for Language and Power:

talbot_languageandpower“The strength of Language and Power in the Modern World is the background it provides in the analytic paradigm of Critical Discourse Analysis … This book is a welcome synthesis of the topic of language and power in our modern world. It succinctly brings together a variety of work that forms an integrated picture of the topics, work that is of theoretical importance and practical use for a critical study of language and power”.

Dr Adams Hodges, University of Colorado

With a unique combination of selected readings and student-centred tasks in a single volume, the book covers contemporary issues in language and power, ranging from the global to the interpersonal. Each area – and each reading chosen to explore it – is substantially contextualised and discussed through a detailed introduction and then followed up with related activities.

Each section comprises:

  • a substantial, specific introduction which draws students’ attention to key themes and issues relevant to its topic;
  • a set of four or five selected readings which encourages students to locate critically these issues in context;
  • a task, or set of tasks, obliging students to undertake ‘hands-on’ linguistic analysis of data and engage in more sophisticated discussion of pertinent issues.
  • In-depth exploration of a variety of approaches to the study of language and power
  • Unique combination of advanced readings, student-centred tasks and editorial guidance
  • Hands-on activities at the end of each chapter

Available here.

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