The first Lakes Comic Art Festival ran “like a well oiled machine”. Reviews

“One day all comic book shows will be like this”.
Comics Clock TowerHere are some post-festival articles welling with enthusiasm for the weekend, though Dan Smith, writing for Huffington Post, laments the lack of a female “underground legend”. He evidently wasn’t in the packed library audience for the talk by Trina Robbins.

North-West Evening Mail

Garry Gray at Bleeding Cool

Dan Smith at Huffington Post

Jeremy Briggs at

Jean-Paul Malone at The Slow Bullet (Added on 27th October)

Laura Sneddon at The Beat (Added on 29th October)

Will Trina write about it in her blog when she’s back home in San Francisco? I hope so!

And the next festival is in preparation! The splendid Julie Tait and her heroic team have already started organising, with the dates set for 17th – 19th October 2014.

Brewery Arts CentreKendal batman
Photographs courtesy of Kate Charlesworth and Dianne Barry.

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