New GN project underway, with an Arts Council grant!

I’m delighted to announce that we have funding from the Arts Council for another project together. In a complete departure from our previous ones, this new collaboration is neither biographical nor historically distant. It deals instead with the here and now of environmental degradation that threatens us all.

The recent flooding disasters loom in the North of England as a loving relationship unfolds between two young women. The story follows the everyday experiences of ordinary people, while engaging with pollution, climate change, moorland mismanagement and the disruption, misery and loss that these things bring. Along the way it also reflects on lifestyle choices – including what’s in the food we eat, how it’s grown, how it’s packaged – and the impact of these kinds of choice on the world around us. The characters are fictitious; what’s happening around them is, sadly, all too real.

So the next book, Rain, engages with environmental issues and their impact. At over 150 pages, it will published by Jonathan Cape, probably in late 2019.

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