Giggle Beats

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.01.08Are female comedians unsuited to TV panel shows and stand-up? According to Lee Mack on Desert Island Discs they are – and he says he’s an expert! This Northeast independent comedy site asked me to comment. As I said, “it’s the stand-up and panel games that are the problem, not female comedians”.

In this Guardian article, the comedian Bridget Christie elaborates:

“Comedy panel shows, with their principally male panels, can record for up to three hours to get 28 minutes of material. The more the panellists interrupt and talk over each other the greater the chance they have of making the final edit and furthering their careers. The shows reflect society generally, in that the loudest, most persistent voices, and not necessarily those with the most relevant or funny things to say, are the ones that are heard”.

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