Foreign language editions in the pipeline…

ViergeRougeTitleLogo2We seem to be finding gainful employment for translators all over the place! The French edition of The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia is released in September from Editions Vuibert. The publishers asked Bryan to recreate the lovely woodcut-style title lettering for its French title: Louise Michel, La Vierge Rouge. In the UK, Louise Michel is almost unheard of. Apparently, in France, a lot of people will recognise the name – there is a metro station and a Parisian square named after her – but she’s still, on the whole, a mysterious revolutionary figure. The Spanish Edition, La Virgen Roja, published by Ediciones La Cúpola, is out in October.

On other fronts, the Portuguese edition of Bryan’s The Tale of One Bad Rat has just been published by Levoir. Grandville Mon Amour will shortly appear in the Czech Republic, Grandville Bête Noire and Grandville Noel in Serbia and Sally Heathcote Suffragette in Sweden. This month also sees the 4th printing of the multiple-award winning Spanish edition of Sally Heathcote: SuCoversfragista.

Later this month we are guests at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where, on the 27th August at 12.30, we’ll be talking about The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia with Joe Gordon.

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