Bryan Talbot, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature!

On Wednesday, Bryan formally accepted his election as a Fellow, by signing the roll of the Royal Society of Literature. He followed his old collaborator, Neil Gaiman, at the short induction ceremony in the British Library in London. New Fellows are offered a choice between TS Eliot’s fountain pen, or the dip pens of either George Eliot or Lord Byron. Bryan used Byron’s pen and wore his Byronic Big Shirt for the occasion!

Immediately before there had been the induction of 40 new Fellows under 40 years old, including our good friend, comic writer/artist Hannah Berry. the events were followed by a reception in the bright and sunny Garden Room.
While we were in town, we were able to take up invitations to two book launches. On Tuesday, Knockabout launched Martin Rowson’s collection of ‘silent stories’ at the Cartoon Museum:
where we also had the pleasure of meeting Alex Cox:
and Ken Livingstone:On Thursday, we were at Gosh for Selfmade Hero’s launch of Tumult by John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy.
In between we ambled about London in the sunshine, stopping off to admire the new statue in Parliament Square. Here’s Millicent Fawcett, women’s suffrage campaigner for over 40 years:We also went to admire the splendour of the Natural History Museum:
Photos in the Cartoon Museum from Duncan Leatherdale and Mark Stafford.

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