Studies in Comics journal: Damon Herd interviews the Talbots

Some time ago Damon Herd from Dundee University came over to Sunderland to interview Bryan and myself. It was for the academic journal Studies in Comics and was largely about the making and reception of Dotter of her Father’s Eyes. It was a while back, so I’d almost forgotten about it, and it was a pleasant surprise to receive my copy of a journal with a very appealing cover!

Studies in Comics coverAs I’m leafing through it, I find myself reflecting on my own shift away from academic writing. The volume includes scholarly chapters with titles such as ‘The cognitive grammar of “I”‘ and ‘Resisting narrative immersion’. These days, my own preoccupations have shifted to the exploration of ideas through stories and I’m keen to reach, and be understood by, a much wider audience than I used to address. My success in doing so has placed me (Bryan’s depiction thereof) on the front cover of an academic journal. Is that ironic? Discuss.

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Studies in Comics is published by Intellect Books.